At the heart of Showlight is the programme of speakers, a series of papers by lighting practitioners from around the world. For the first time, Showlight 2017 will be offering a simultaneous translation of papers into Italian. Each paper lasts 20 minutes with plenty of time for questions afterwards. Below are just some of the fascinating and engaging speakers
you can expect to see at Showlight 2017 . . .

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    Aldo Visentin

    Lighting Designer over many years for Andrea Bocelli, Aldo will share the differences in: approach, difficulty, opportunity, responsibility, and anything else involve in the show creation process, for a star who doesn't see.

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    Colin Ball

    Colin uses theatre and film lighting techniques in many buildings, including the Tower of London and Palace of Westminster, and will focus on the refurbishment of Westminster Hall.

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    Declan Randall

    Declan will tell of his experience as Projection Designer for set, lighting and projection for an original production of Sister Act in Johannesburg in 2015.

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    Amy Mae Smith

    Amy made her West End début as the Lighting Designer for the critically acclaimed Sweeney Todd on Shaftesbury Avenue, winning the 2016 Knight of Illumination Award in the Musicals category.

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    Henk van den Geest

    Henk has recently worked with museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rembrandthouse in Amsterdam and the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen in their quest to source high quality / low damage lighting for their exhibitions, by replacing conventional sources with LED. He will share his experiences of communicating with decision makers who are without technical experience and have their main focus on energy savings and limiting investment budget.

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    Jeff Ravitz

    Jeff will talk about the current Bruce Springsteen/E Street Band tour, designing a live show that needs to also work for TV, and also the live-to-broadcast side of his career.

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    Durham Marenghi

    Durham will focus on the remarkable story of the Closing Ceremony for the Rio Olympics, rather than the oft-covered Opening Ceremony, and the challenges presented by a budget much smaller than London 2012, a limited number of rigging positions, and no chance of a rehearsal!

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    Isabel Nielen

    Isabel tells of lighting a concert in a Dutch valley using lasers in an 'uncommon way' to outline objects on the far side.

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    Karl Taylor & Robin Barton

    Karl and Robin will give a brief overview of the work and time taken in delivering some of the more unusual items that create the magic of theatre. From hand lamps to wands and spinning tops, to flying 5Kw HMIs. Following the journey from interpreting a concept to engineering a solution. With anecdotes and examples we will help demystify the process of getting ideas made!

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    Phil Meheux

    DoP former President of BSC, recipient of highest ASC honour, Phil has lit Casino Royale, Goldeneye, The Long Good Friday, The Mask of Zorro, Smurfs 1 & 2 and successfully worked through the step from film to digital.

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    Mikki Kunttu

    Lighting designer Mikki Kunttu will speak of his adventures lighting the Danish Royal Ballet.

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    Philip Norfolk

    Philip will explain how the Sun works, how heavy a dustbin of sun is and why the sky is blue, whilst also covering Nuclear Fusion and other Photon facts…and will somehow manage to incorporate a picture of Albert Einstein!

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    Simon Corder

    Summoned to Singapore to relight his original design, Simon will describe his revisiting and updating an old and celebrated lighting design in the world’s first Night Zoo. A mixture of nostalgia, old technology, new technology, 20 years growth of a tropical forest, tigers and elephants - and a discussion of the merits and issues of LED lighting in a jungle installation.

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    Luc Peumans

    Belgian lighting designer Luc Peumans of Painting With Light specialises in lighting large-scale productions such as a musical on the 1914-1918 war with a performance space the size of two football pitches!

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    Al Gurdon

    Al Gurdon also specialises in lighting large-scale spectaculars such as the MTV Awards and the Super Bowl half time performances, and will give us an insight into the work that goes into them.

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    Rob Halliday

    Always entertaining and informative, lighting designer Rob Halliday will speak on his work for Tree of Codes, a very interesting dance collaboration between Wayne McGregor and Olafur Eliasson, the Danish artist responsible for the beautiful ‘sun’ installation, The Weather Project, at the Tate Modern in 2003/2004.

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    Andreas Huber

    Andreas, who works for Osram, will discuss the curiosity and confusion often met by the mention of ‘lasers’. On the contrary, this kind of light source has a huge potential and there are already several projects running regarding new fixtures that employ this light-source.

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    Frieder Weiss

    Projection artist Frieder Weiss often works with interactive content. He will speak on the pixel mapping effects for a show he directed on a large cruise ship stage, all of which was based on infrared tracking of the performers.

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    Gurdip Mahal

    Gurdip Mahal is a TV lighting designer who specialises in lighting spectaculars, such as The Voice.

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    James Simpson

    James will tell of his work at the Royal Opera House in harnessing Virtual Reality to aid the design process, to help plan and create better productions.

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    Paul Russell

    Paul will discuss his use of candles to light productions at at the Globe Theatre and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, also in Farinelli in the West End.

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    Arri 100th Anniversary

    The oldest, continuously fuctioning lighting manufacturer in the film business, ARRI celebrates its 100th anniversary by presenting a history of development and early models.

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    Panel Discussions

    The 'Programmers Panel
    A' panel of three lighting programmers will explore the changing role they fill and how they fit within the lighting structure. We will look at how this vital role varies in different genres of lighting, how we got to where we are, and where we think things will go in the future. Programmer's Panel A includes . . .

    Stuart Porter
    Stuart began his career as a Technician at the Theatre Royal Windsor after completing the ABTT Theatre Electrics course. For the past 30 years, he has worked extensively throughout the Industry, as a Lighting Designer, Associate Lighting Designer and Lighting Programmer. He is best known for working professionally in Commercial Theatre. Stuart is proud to be a Board Member of the Association of Lighting Designers, (The ALD).

    Brad Schiller
    Brad Schiller can often be found eating sushi and/or chocolate at many fine dining locations. He is also a professional Automated Lighting Programmer, Product/Business Manager, and Author. With nearly thirty years’ industry experience in the lighting industry, he has been involved with a multitude of productions worldwide. Brad is the author of The Automated Lighting Programmer’s Handbook and is employed as a Business Development Manager for Martin Professional.

    Ross Williams
    After leaving full-time employment in the West End, Ross has worked as a freelance lighting programmer and designer since 1995. Although somewhat specialising in broadcast, over this period his work has spanned theatre, concert touring, television, live events and film, and he has been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the world's top lighting designers, lighting directors and directors of photography. He has a keen interest in the technologies used within our industry, and enjoys beta testing new products under development.

    Bernie Davis (Panel Chair)
    Bernie has worked as a TV Lighting Designer for thirty years now, working on a wide range of productions from concerts to national events and from drama to light entertainment. He specialises in adapting stage lighting to work for camera to provide for the current trend towards cinema broadcast of stage productions. Bernie is a past chairman of the Society of Television Lighting and Design.

Speakers are subject to forthcoming professional commitments. To book your place as a delegate at Showlight 2017, click here. Details of more speakers to follow soon. Watch this space!

Praise for Showlight . . .

Buongiorno – a short note to personally congratulate the Showlight team for having organized such a memorable event. It’s been really nice to see so many friends from the industry in one place talking about lighting without the rush of a trade show. It’s made with passion and attention to detail, well done.

– Fabiano Besio, Luci Della Ribalta (speaker 2013)