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Petr Ferebauer, Producer at the Ceske Budejovice Theatre, will introduce us to the celebrated Garden Theatre in the grounds of Cesky Krumlov Castle.

Peter Perina, Chairman of the Foundation of the Baroque Theatre in Cesky Krumlov, will give an introduction to the theatre. During the visits programme delegates will tour the theatre, including the mechanism under the stage.

Danielle Feinberg of Pixar Animation Studios talks about her role as the director of photography-lighting on Disney•Pixar's 2012 Academy Award winning film "Brave," as well as her work on lighting in "WALL•E," "Finding Nemo" and more.

Beverly Emmons and Ken Billington, award winning Broadway lighting designers, on the project to establish a lighting archive available on the internet.

The Opening and Closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics.

Alfred Bodvarsson who is the lighting and set designer for Icelandic TV's production of the X Factor - and is expected to match the UK version with the budget of a country of only 300,000 inhabitants!

Christopher Baugh will talk on the iconic Czech Scenographer Svoboda, who pioneered the use of projection and light curtains. He has spoken on Svoboda at the Prague Quadrenniel, and worked with him at London's National Theatre.

Durham Marenghi, the lighting of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace.

There will be an LED Panel discussing the many advantages of LEDs, their use and misuse, the colour balance problems with video cameras, and the dangers of specifying them for the wrong reasons. Panel Members: Jim Tetlow, Fred Foster, Ryan Fletcher, Fabiano Besio.

Katharine Williams, a young lighting designer, tells of lighting three performances using only practical lights. And the challenge of lighting an orchestra performing live at the British Film Institute during the projection of a silent film - matching the orchestra lighting to each individual scene in the film!

Wayne Howell of Artistic Licence will outline the various protocols for lighting control, suggest when each is the best choice, and will look ahead to see what will become available in the next 5 years.

Tupac Martir has pioneered the use of automatic moving light tracking in dance, and will talk about the lighting of Nierka.

Martin Lupton amazes us with his report on Noche Zero, a "darkness event" in the Atacama desert in Chile...

Frieder Hochheim, President of Kino Flo, will talk about the technical development of film friendly fluorescent lights, and the future development of LEDs.

Israeli Lighting Designer Bambi tells of lighting three operas at the foot of the Masada Mountains.

Bill Klages will continue his hilarious stories of lighting US TV spectaculars, which was so rudely interrupted at Showlight in Glasgow when he had overrun his allotted time by a mere 15 minutes!

Victoria Coeln, a Light Artist from Vienna, is often given complete freedom to light a building as she wishes. She will have a lighting installation, Chromotopia, in St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna as Showlight closes, should you wish to call in on your homeward journey.

Don Holder may give us an insight into the challenges of lighting Spiderman on Broadway, but he also lights Dreamworks TV's Smash, turning his talents to lighting a TV drama – about a stage musical. An interesting crossover of genres!

A young Greek lighting student, Zoi Katsarou, studying at KTH Stockholm reports on her participation in a Social Light Movement Workshop, an innovation dedicated to using light to rejuvenate deprived urban areas. Much more rewarding than lighting student raves!

David Gray has the challenge of lighting a Water Theme Park in the harsh environment of the desert, finding how to cool LEDs trapped underwater in a housing – with an outside temperature of 46 degrees! Hold onto your seats as David cues a video of this exciting ride – and see how many lights you can count.....

A first for Showlight! Johanna, Anar, and Toomas, three young lighting folk from Estonia based "Dare to Light", will present dialogues featuring a lazy lighting technician, a megalomanic designer and a director suffering from know-it-all. Will you recognise yourself in this satirical musical performance which has delighted audiences of lighting professionals across Eastern Europe? No need to learn Estonian - the performance will be in English!

Bernie Davis explores the problems and the methods of lighting theatre shows and operas being covered by TV cameras, not only for conventional TV broadcast but also for DVD and even cinemas.

Award winning cinematographer Hiro Narita ASC, whose career encompasses The Candidate, Apocalypse Now, and Star Trek VI, will take us on an illuminating journey into the creative heart of world renowned feature films.

Orjan Fjallstrom demonstrates the magic of using Photoshop, connected to his lighting console via a media server, to bring lighting to a new level. Just paint on stage where you want the light!

Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson will take us through the design process for a newly commissioned Icelandic Opera, and the discussions and inevitable compromises in liaising with others in the design team.

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