Feedback from Showlight 2017 …

John Allen,
Showlight Chairman:

“This was my 5th Showlight and the first as chairman.  It was an honour to chair and lead such an outstanding event and I must thank my entire committee for all their hard work and help in the planning and execution of yet another enjoyable celebration of lighting for performance, art and architecture.

“Showlight is an opportunity for artists, designers, students and manufacturers in the lighting industry to network, exchange ideas, learn and listen to short papers on all aspects of lighting from live theatre to major events, film, TV and the art of using light to enhance buildings, both new and historic, museums and galleries.

“I would also like to thank all our speakers for their varied, and immensely interesting and entertaining papers.  In total there were 27 speakers and they all spoke of their different concepts, concerns, problems and solutions on a wide range of projects.  These included Jeff Ravitz, who has been lighting Bruce Springsteen for many years, Durham Marenghi with his fascinating method of lighting the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics without ever having a rehearsal in the arena, and Colin Ball and how they are lighting Westminster Hall in the style of the 1600’s!  And that was just three of the papers …

“If you missed Showlight in Florence, make a note in your diary now. The next Showlight is in May 2021! 

Pio Nahum, CEO of Claypaky, the Main Sponsor for Showlight 2017:

“We have wanted to host Showlight in Italy for many years and we have been delighted with the result. It is an honour to welcome so many lighting designers to our country, to show them our famous hospitality and to spend so much quality time with them. And I have been so impressed by the speakers, there has been such diversity in the presentations.

“Of course, everyone here is a lighting expert, but there are always new things you can learn from each other at an event such as this! Showlight has been a wonderful opportunity for Claypaky to strengthen our relationships with so many prominent people in the world of lighting.”

Speaker Testimonials . . .

Mikki Kunttu:

“It’s like an AA meeting for lighting designers! This is my first time attending Showlight and I didn’t really know what to expect. I was thinking it was more like a tradeshow, but it’s totally different. The closeness and connectivity between us all is great. Collegial sharing is what it’s all about.”
– Mikki Kunttu, Finnish Lighting Designer, Showlight 2017 speaker – Swan Lake at the Royal Danish Ballet

Jeff Ravitz:

“Many thanks for making Showlight come to life once again.  The conference was so inspiring and fun, the networking and catching up with friends were a major plus, and Florence, with its history and food & drink, was legendary as anticipated.  Congratulations on organizing this rewarding program, and thank you for the honour to present some thoughts to this amazing group of people. I’m pleased to have been part of the event.”
– Jeff Ravitz, US lighting designer, Showlight 2017 speaker – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

James Simpson:

“I had such a terrific time, I’m still talking about it, and I was so inspired and motivated by the speakers that I have a renewed energy for my work and trying out new things. I met so many new people and learned so much about different people’s work, it has been invaluable.
“Being a speaker was a privilege and I had such great feedback afterwards, but nicest of all was catching people talking about Virtual Reality amongst themselves which showed that I may have inspired some new ideas.”
– James Simpson, lighting designer and visualiser, Showlight 2017 speaker – New Realities in Visualisation.

Amy Mae Smith:

“Showlight is an inspiring few days where you can meet and learn from lighting designers, programmers and video designers that you would never normally be able to meet, from all over the world. People from Theatre, TV, live events and more. 
“It is a great chance to meet a mix of people with different views, approaches and styles to design. A brilliant event with the right mix of talks, exhibitors and tours.”
– Amy Mae Smith, Sweeney Todd – A Site Specific Experience

Declan Randall

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful event – it was my first Showlight and without a doubt is the most fantastic event in the lighting industry. It was a real honour to have been able to present a paper at this event, so thank you again for the opportunity. I look forward to the next one!”
– Declan Randall, production designer, Showlight 2017 speaker – A Rose Window … Sister Act in South Africa

Brad Schiller:

“I want to thank you all (and the rest of the committee) for another great Showlight!  Once again you have created and hosted the industry’s best event and I give high kudos to all involved.  I am very excited for Showlight 2021 and plan to be there (wherever it may be). Thanks again for a magical three days in Florence surrounded by a love of light.”
– Brad Schiller, Martin by Harman, Showlight 2017 speaker – Programming Panel

Isabel Nielen:

“I really enjoyed Showlight. It packs a full programme into three days which gives the opportunity to dive deep into the world of light and to meet lots of new people outside of your normal comfort zone. Personally, I also like it very much that so many different disciplines from across the lighting profession are all together. That does not happen often!” 
– Isabel Nielen, lighting designer and artist, Showlight 2017 speaker – Laser Explorations

David Duffy:

“Speaking at Showlight has been a real career and personal highlight. I was really struck by the breadth of work that was talked about, and the amount of care that went into to making it a really natural and open atmosphere for sharing ideas. So many events are very focused on selling products, but this was a very relaxed atmosphere where I felt I really got to know colleagues and peers in a different setting.
“The hospitality put on for us was of the highest possible standard, and every meal and visit had been thought through so well. It felt like the most relaxed event I’ve ever been to.”
– David Duffy, Little Angel Theatre, Showlight 2017 speaker – Bringing Puppetry to Life

Colin Ball:

“What a Fantastic Event! I was so pleased to be able to take part and very happy to be invited. I will certainly recommend your next event to the Architectural Lighting Community when you launch it.
 “Throughout the conference it was great to discover that nearly everyone you spoke to was a leading international designer from a host of different industries, yet everyone was so humble and approachable.”
– Colin Ball, lighting director, Showlight 2017 speaker – Westminster Hall: Can You Light History with Invisible Fittings?

Exhibitor & Delegate Testimonials . . .

Exhibitor: Vincent Billard, Ayrton

“People don’t ‘get’ the idea of Showlight until they actually attend. But I would recommend they do because it is the only way to truly understand the unique nature of the event.”

Delegate: Jason Larcombe, Bright*

“Part of the fun of Showlight is you never know what you are going to hear next! There’s an excellent mix of speakers this year and their papers have already sparked off some interesting conversations amongst us around the applications of the next technology.”

Exhibitor: Gary Fails,
City Theatrical

“I’ve been to three Showlight events and this is the best so far. Great setting and inspiring papers.”

Delegate: Ellen Lampert-Greaux, Live Design

“Showlight is so interesting because of the access it gives to everybody. Students can talk directly to top lighting designers, lighting designers have lots of time to interact with manufacturers, etc. It’s first and foremost an excellent networking event.”

Student Testimonials . . .

Co-ordinator: Rob Dyer

“Showlight puts a lot of emphasis on encouraging students to participate and allows them unprecedented access to designers, which I am delighted to say, they took full advantage of! We are always grateful for how accommodating the companies, designers and speakers are about advising and talking to the students and supporting the next generation of young designers.” Rob Dyer, Showlight Student Co-ordinator

Adelaida Pardo

“I want to say that Showlight was a beautiful and very enhancing experience! It was very interesting to hear the presentations, meet the artists, producers, and lighting distributors, all fully focused on working with light. It taught me a lot about light, creative vision, collaboration, technicalities, and human connections. It was also an amazing opportunity to have the chance to do camera work with the guidance of such wise professionals and nice people as well.

“I want to congratulate you on the care that was offered to the students. Letting us to be part of all the different networking spaces, as well as enjoying the delightful gastronomy, landscapes and weather of Firenze.” Adelaida Pardo from Talinn, Rose Bruford student assigned to VER

Elliott Jones

“My time at Showlight was a delight and I would be honoured to come again. Martin Michaud and Matt Wiseman of MDG were excellent company and offered support and counsel in the art of social networking which I found of great use; to sum it up, the whole event was brilliant and I look forward to the next one.” Elliott Jones – Rose Bruford student assigned to MDG